​Welcome Honored Guests!!!
Please welcome Janice Rocke’s Erotic Eclectic under the Fool-Blaze Productions banner. Joining the fun as their musical accompaniment, the Monterey Peninsula's favorite for Gypsy Jazz, Beso Negro!! Help us celebrate the Devine Feminine told through the radiant and unabashed medium of Burlesque!! 
This troupe configures their routines in tandem with erotic spoken word where the music weaves a titillating tease between the writers and dancers!!
Watch as we fold the hedonism of Mardi Gras into a Chinese New Year of the Dog component. Find yourselves transfixed as we add the abandon of Roman Lupercalia to some clippings of modern Valentine's Day and culminate it all into a Lourdes-esque purification cleansing by eternal/internal fire!!! 
February is the mid-point of Winter, seemingly endless with its deepening chill and strains to the soul. The frivolity of Yule and inspired optimism of New Year’s are but a memory along the dreary trek toward Spring's Beltane Rites. This being a Dark Month, (absent a full moon), we are compelled to make our own light. To resist supplication we must command instead, our own flights of fancy. So, don your wolf skein, mask your visage, guild your loins, and get your wild self out to the farm!!! HoooOOOOOWWWWWWWLLLLLLLLLLLLL like your heart a’int breaking. Dance like those Red Shoes won’t let you stop!

Passed Hors de Oeuvres, Fonts of Wine, Boutique Libations, Purification Fires, Dancing Till Dawn, Breakfast at Daybreak, and so much more!!! We invite you to bring drums and instruments for participation in the Dawning of a New Day aspect to commence after the above performances. Costumes are always encouraged so dress to impress!!! 
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