Please join us December 2nd for the  SUPER Grand Opening of our new Headquarters!!  

Celebrate the last full moon of 2017 with Bacchus, BiG SuRCuS and The Redlight District!!!
Known as the “Winer Moon”, the “Oak Moon”, the "Cold Moon", or the “Long Nights Moon”, the energy Our Lady shares reminds us to reflect on the past year’s choices, solidify our convictions, and gather together in healing. As part of healing involves release, and release is always found through dancing, it seems only proper to kick off the season of the Long, Cold Nights in true Bacchanalian Revelry!! Redlight District Rock n Roll, Phoenix Fire Ritual with the HOTT ladies of BiG SuRCuS, Passed Hors de Oeuvres, Fonts of Wine, Boutique Libations, Yuletide Fires, Dancing Till Dawn, Breakfast at Daybreak, and so much more!!! We invite you to bring drums and insturments for participation in the Dawning of a New Day aspect to commence after the above performances. Costumes are always so encouraged dress to impress!!! $20.00 ~ Tickets will be housed as a guest list
Please feel free to call with additional questions 

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