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YOU ARE AAAAHMAAAAZZZZING!!!!!!!!!! YOU ROCKED SOOOO MUCH FOR HEATHER AND JEFF!!!! The hard work that you put in to making that a beautiful and delicious day was off the hook!! Everything looked beautiful-- family style a great idea!! AND was delish of course!! What a gift you gave to them...to your family~~~ To your guests!! I just hope that you really did get to relax and rock and roll by the end of the evening...today you deserve breakfast in bed and being surrounded by love/friends and the glow of knowing you gave the best gift of all--straight from your heart--you gave the gift of LOVE ♥♥♥♥♥♥.

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What We Do.....


Welcome Honored Guests!!
Incorporated in 2016, Bacchanalia Ltd. is pleased to offer catering and event planning service. On its face, in the proper category, making food and planning parties is what you'll ask of us. You'll ask and we'll oblige, with glee!! Glee? Really? Yes. A bit dramatic, I know, that's the way we roll. 

Why is Bacchanalia Ltd. special? Well, being a conglomerate, Bacchanalia offers fully inclusive event planning. Consider your Event Concierge a personal assistant who will go to the ends of the Earth to procure, facilitate, or execute your wish. Menu Creation, Themed Parties, Up-cyled Art, Vintage Table Settings, Event Staffing, we do it all!!!

Our staff is comprised of a rag-tag team of career service industry professionals who despite their years of acquired cynicism are perfection personified in action. If you're looking for charm, grace, and acute attention to detail coupled with whit and a discerning sense of humor applicable to all settings, environments,  and company, be assured our super powers in all the above mentioned are mighty. 

If Bacchanalia were a vessel it would be; a wineskin, a beer stein, The Black Pearl, The General Lee, Alice's Looking-Glass, Narnia's Wardrobe, The Great Glass Elevator, Firefly..... I could go on but you're getting the picture. Bacchanalia Ltd. is dreams, both had during slumber and spacing out the window during Algebra. 
Bacchanalia Ltd. is hope. All kinds of hope, from the finger's crossed "I hope this works" variety to wild with relief "I think we're going to survive" feeling. Bacchanalia Ltd. will give you something to look forward to and something to believe in. 
It is the culmination of what everyone who works here wanted to be when they grew up. 
It is the final straw that breaks the back of anyone who has stifled their creativity, been someone they're not, walked the line, bit their lip, condoned, conformed, or compromised. 

Bacchanalia Ltd. represents freedom. 

We believe in cultivating alter egos and celebrating freak flags. 
We believe in; perpetuating beauty, championing truth, enjoying grace, protecting love, and sharing happiness (however fleeting). We believe in; second chances, ecology, communication, third chances, forgiveness, living by our own rules, acceptance, embracing personal power, risk, adventure, fairies, feral children, staying up all night, sensuality, fourth chances, poetry, appreciation, thwarting stagnation, world peace, making mistakes, learning from them, accountability, whirled peas, lost causes, and underdogs. 

But mostly, we believe in the fine art of production. So, come sit a moment. Whisper in my ear the stuff your dreams are made on. Watch us weave them into worlds.


Your Special Occasion

However your wishes may be, they will be heard, honored, and carried out with the attention we'd bestow upon our own best beloved. Your individualized menu is designed in accordance to any, cravings, ethnic accents or dietary considerations you desire. Our philosophy incorporates sustainable, cruelty free, fair trade, and cottage industry communities showcasing the abundant quality raised by our local Monterey County farmers.

Likewise, we practice ecological responsibility through the art of up-cyle, found object, and vintage restoration across all the decor used in our site design. Thematic focus centers on; era or period representation, Art Deco & Nouveau, Greco-Roman Mythos, Esoterica, NeoPaganism, Fantasy, and Reproductions of Classic Fiction.

From formal to fantastical in the blink of an eye!! So, drop your pretenses, let your imagination run, step behind the curtain, the celebration has begun, Bacchanalia...


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I hired Bacchanalia on short notice for a small event that was very important to me. Livia came over for a consultation. I let her know that I was stressed out about the dinner party. I was even worried about setting my house up for the event. Livia totally put me at ease. She quickly whipped up a menu that sounded divine and then she did a walk-through of the house. She let me know that this was "totally doable". That night she emailed me pictures of table settings, China patterns, and glassware to choose from. I asked her if it was possible to have her set up the day before the party so that I'd have time to focus on my guests the day of the event. Livia and her crew came the day prior and set up. They put together a beautiful table setting with flowers, accents, plates, bowls, silver, crystal wine and drinking glasses. They turned my living room into an elegant dining hall. Livia brought samples from her chef to make sure that I LOVED the menu. The party was a hit, the service was perfect, the food was excellent and plentiful, and seconds were requested of dessert. I am forever grateful.
Betty B ~ YP 

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